Faces of Bawana

In December, 2015, I worked for two weeks as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, helping a family build a home in Bawana, one of New Delhi's controversial resettlement slum areas . Our team of 10 split into sub-units of 5 each to help two families build their homes. We interacted primarily with the women of each family: Hasina Bibi and Munni. Images of our house building project can be found in another gallery but here I wanted to highlight the faces of some of the people I met during my short time in Bawana.

Hospitality Committee

Hospitality Committee

Every day, no fail, Bawana's children would greet us when we arrived for work and accompany us back to our bus at the end of our house building day. These girls are just a handful of our daily "welcoming committee".


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